Come drive with us! Look for "The Ol' Man's Club @" modded server in Convoy Mode!

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A Typical Convoy Fail…

Last night, I decided to take a chance and participate in a convoy with a small group of other drivers using the Truckers MP Platform. And once again, it was a complete disappointment. The first big fail was the convoy “leader” announcing to everyone that they will start at 65 MPH and then cruise at…

SCS Software Releases the International LT!

SCS Software releases the International LT Truck for American Truck Simulator! Read all about it on the ATS blog.

SCS and Thrustmaster T248 Wheel Giveaway!

SCS and Thrustmaster are giving away 5 new T248 Steering Wheels in September! Click below to read more about the promotion and get your chance to win!

“Convoy Mode” – Still Too Buggy For Primetime?

Since SCS dropped the highly anticipated version 1.41, which includes the new online “Convoy Mode”, players have had a choice of online platforms with which to play: SCS’s built-in Convoy Mode or the tried and true, Truckers MP Mod. Both platforms have their advantages and disadvantages. For instance, Convoy Mode currently can only handle up…