Come drive with us! Look for "The Ol' Man's Club @" modded server in Convoy Mode!

riverty’s Sim Rig – The Rig

riverty's Sim Rig

I’ve always been a fan of sim games. Years ago, I spent a lot of my time flying around in MS Flight Simulator, and I’ve driven thousands of miles in Nascar Racing Season 2003! While I’ve moved on from NR2003, I still spend some of my game time in MS Flight Simulator 2020. At the…

riverty’s Sim Rig – The Game System

riverty's SimGaming System

5 Stars Back in early 2020, I had an Intel i7 based game system that had served me well for about 5 years. However, the system was showing it’s age and I knew I needed an upgrade. Since the new Covid 19 pandemic was forcing everyone to stay indoors as much as possible, it seemed…

riverty’s Sim Rig – The DOF Reality H3

The DOF Reality H3

5 Stars There are several choices in gaming motion platforms out there to choose from. Several different manufacturers have come up with novel ways to provide motion for sim games, and at various price points. One of the more popular offerings, and the one I choose is, the DOF Reality H3 Motion Simulator Platform. It’s…

riverty’s Sim Rig – The Sim-Panel “Classic” Button Box

Sim-Panel Classic Button Box

3 Stars The Sim-Panel Classic Button Box from Appcentrix LLC, is a USB connected, Arduino controlled, button box specifically designed for SCS’s American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. It features stainless steel push buttons, fully color-customizable LED backlighting, two programmable auxiliary buttons, and can come with or without a CB microphone. LED Color…

riverty’s Sim Rig – The Extras

There are a lot of “extras” to my rig that are worth mentioning, but not worth devoting a whole individual page to! There’s just not that much to say about them I guess. So, this page serves as a “catch all” for all the extra parts in my rig. First up is my side monitor,…

riverty’s Sim Rig – SRS Settings

These are the SRS settings I use in American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. I believe these settings result in a much more active and accurate truck driving experience. Try them for yourself and see. All “smoothing” sliders are set a full left (minimum). If you have any questions or comments, including ways…

SCS Software Releases the International LT!

SCS Software releases the International LT Truck for American Truck Simulator! Read all about it on the ATS blog.

SCS and Thrustmaster T248 Wheel Giveaway!

SCS and Thrustmaster are giving away 5 new T248 Steering Wheels in September! Click below to read more about the promotion and get your chance to win!

“Convoy Mode” – Still Too Buggy For Primetime?

Since SCS dropped the highly anticipated version 1.41, which includes the new online “Convoy Mode”, players have had a choice of online platforms with which to play: SCS’s built-in Convoy Mode or the tried and true, Truckers MP Mod. Both platforms have their advantages and disadvantages. For instance, Convoy Mode currently can only handle up…

ATS Idaho Spuds Event

Yep. We did it!