Last night, I decided to take a chance and participate in a convoy with a small group of other drivers using the Truckers MP Platform. And once again, it was a complete disappointment.

The first big fail was the convoy “leader” announcing to everyone that they will start at 65 MPH and then cruise at 78 MPH! There is NO WAY you can lead a successful convoy going 78 MPH! Let me explain.

If you are logging your miles using Trucksbook, which most online drivers do, you have to keep your speed below 80 MPH else you get flagged for “race miles”, which don’t count towards your company mileage goals. This is why people choose to cruise 78 MPH.

Now, it doesn’t take a heap of brains to figure out that if the lead truck is going 78 MPH, and anything happens with any truck behind the leader, there is no real way to get “caught back up” without going well over the 80 MPH limit. Which really means that if you get separated from the leader, you are either going to finish your run BY YOURSELF, which defeats the whole purpose of the convoy, or you are going to speed, get flagged for race miles, and waste the whole run.

The next feat of brilliance came about 50 miles in to the run. I didn’t see it, but several trucks in the convoy crashed into each other on the highway somehow and left some trucks on their sides! I’m sure the 78 MPH had something to do with it, but I’m also sure lack of common driving sense and perhaps actual driving experience had something to do with it too?

So, I logged in, spent several minutes prepping for the convoy, waited 20+ minutes for the “newbies” to learn how to actually get a load assigned and picked up, and drove in a convoy for about 2 minutes before everything went to shit. Probably 40+ minutes of my game time wasted for nothing.

DrivelineVTC is not interested in drivers who approach the sim like this…