Since SCS dropped the highly anticipated version 1.41, which includes the new online “Convoy Mode”, players have had a choice of online platforms with which to play: SCS’s built-in Convoy Mode or the tried and true, Truckers MP Mod. Both platforms have their advantages and disadvantages. For instance, Convoy Mode currently can only handle up to 8 players at a time while Truckers MP (TMP) can handle thousands of real players online at the same time. However, one of the cool things about SCS’s Convoy Mode is that it can include AI vehicles to drive with in the sim, TMP does not.

I’ve been playing the new Convoy Mode exclusively for the last several weeks along with a lot of our crew and I’ve got to say, the new Convoy Mode is quite buggy and in my opinion, not ready for prime time.

Bugs in the new Convoy Mode I’ve seen:

  • AI trucks falling down below the road and then back up.
  • Disappearing AI vehicles / AI vehicles appearing out of nowhere.
  • Incorrect AI decisions causing accidents. (stopping in the middle of the Interstate, etc.)
  • Bouts of high visual lag on one client, smooth on the others.
  • Player trucks visually disappearing, yet they are still showing on the GPS / Map.
  • Random disconnections from the server yet the server is fine.
  • Sometimes players cannot reconnect back to the server after being randomly kicked.
  • Pre-selected jobs disappearing at pick up time.
  • Tail lights on trailers not working / tail lights on trailers not bright enough to see in the day.
  • Sometimes drivers cannot find our servers in the server list in the “lobby”.
  • I’m sure there’s more…

All of this equals a very frustrating game experience that drivers coming from the TMP platform aren’t used to. There are times when our drivers cannot find the DriveLine Server in the Convoy Browser list while others have no issues. There are plenty of times when our drivers get disconnected from the server for no apparent reason. Sometimes they can connect back up right away, other times they have to wait a few minutes to get reconnected. Sometimes our drivers cannot see jobs taken by other drivers in the Convoy Jobs List, sometimes you can. There are almost always visual bugs between our drivers and the AI that can cause wrecks to happen to no fault of our drivers. None of these things are issues on the TMP platform.

So, what to do? While Convoy Mode is here to stay, and I have little doubt that in the future, SCS will iron out the bugs in the new system, TMP still seems to be the most stable online platform to run on for the time being. Sure, there are success stories running in the new Convoy Mode, but the time and trouble to get a group together and be able to complete a successful company convoy in the new Convoy Mode is quite a challenge.

Keep working on it SCS. We’ll revisit you again in the next game update…